Tom Tracy
Please join us in celebrating Tom's life by a reflection, note, story, or as Dad would say "however the spirit moves you".

April 03, 2006 - 12:33 PM
Vilma Miller

  Dear Tracy family,

I was deeply saddened to hear of Tom Tracy's death and my heart and prayers are with you during this very difficult time. I am forever grateful for so many great memories. I thank Tom for my time at TEC. He will always be remembered in my heart. Please forgive my absence at the funeral services. I have similar things happening in my family and it was impossible for me to go. But Tom has been in my thoughts since I heard the news.

Cynthia, Christina, Katherine, Kelly, and Tom Jr: Keep the good memories of your father in mind, and he will always be with you.

Sincerely, Vilma and family.
April 03, 2006 - 12:14 PM
Lisa (McCanna) Jensen

  Mr. Tracy,

You've touched and inspiried so many people with your life, and persistently continue to do so, even despite your passing. You have inspired me to try harder to make a contribution to this world, and have also inspired me to want to be a better Catholic. I know that you are already hard at work at SOMETHING that God has tasked you with, and that you will continue to guide your family, and each of us who look to you for guidance and strength. Though I am going to miss your face, I know that you are near.

Love & prayers always,

April 03, 2006 - 08:39 AM
Liam Clarke

  Tom was truly a one off. He was kind, helpful and generous both wth his hospitality and his advice.
He was a very engaging, witty and likeable person with a fund of stories for any occasion.
He was also a man of strong opinions but he was often prepared to modify them in response to new information. He was always prepared to give a new person or a new view a fair hearing and to see what he could learn from someone else's experiences. Here in Northern Ireland we could all lean from that. He will be sorely missed.
April 03, 2006 - 05:39 AM
John Fay

  I got to know Tom because he was a big fan of my N. Ireland news web site, the Newshound. Tom was very generous - helping sustain and build the site with his donations. But, it was more than money - he was also very generous with his time. I often spent hours on the phone with Tom, frequently with other people also on the line working out where next for the site.

More than anything else, what I remember about Tom was his enthusiasm. I've never met anyone like him. Talking to Tom was invigorating and his enthusiasm was infectious. A conversation with Tom was like a half-time pep talk. I'd come away with a renewed faith and greater commitment to what I was doing. I'm going to miss that.

My prayers are with Tom and his family.
April 03, 2006 - 03:19 AM

  Hi Dad

I miss you tonight. Your funeral and reception were just as you would have wished beautiful and graceful. Gosh, there were so many people and so many wonderful tributes to you. There were at least 23 priests there. You would have been chatting it up with them all, for sure. All your employees past and present stood up in your honor and even as you would say your "first wife" had a wonderful moment of tribute. She trully is the "woman behind the man" and continues to be. Your dearest friends and pallbearers spoke and there were even some laughs. What an awesome day!!!

I sense you today in the mist of the rain, the sound of the wind, and in the peace that fills my heart tonight. I know you are so near.

Be at peace Dad and rest well.

April 02, 2006 - 08:02 PM

  I was deeply saddened to hear about the loss of my friend Tom Tracey. I have known Tom for about 19 yrs. Thanks to Tom I'm in business today he has helped me along the way no matter what. He was trully a good friend of mine I'm so sad that he is gone but he will always be around in sprit.My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Julian Juarez
April 02, 2006 - 07:06 PM
Lou Doyle

  Tom, was a good friend during my years at Regis College. Although we were not that close since our time there, I have watched Tom do many wonderful things for others. He has truly been a light showing us how God works in our lives.
April 02, 2006 - 12:28 PM
Edward and Mimi Russell

  Our thoughts, prayers and heart felt sympathies and condolences go out to you all. We will all miss Tom.
April 02, 2006 - 07:53 AM
Jeffrey A. Gorrall

  Tom was a great man, a great father, a great man of faith and a pioneer for Ford Motor Company. He will be missed forever and his legend will never die.

God bless Tom and his family!
April 02, 2006 - 04:15 AM

  Dear Dad, A few weeks ago someone asked me what my earliest memory of you was. After thinking about it for a while, the first memory that came to mind was when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I would eagerly wait for you to come home from the office. I can remember how I used to run outside as soon I saw you walking through the backyard with your briefcase. I couldn't wait to jump up into your arms and give you a big hug. No matter what problems were happening at the office you always came home with a smile and left your work problems at work. You always made me feel like everything was going to be okay, and that feeling has never left me, even today. I only got to spend a short 27 years with you, but in that time there has been so much laughter and love. You've always been the best judge of character I've ever met and along this road of life you made so many friends, just being yourself. Your energy and drive were contagious and inspired others. You found true joy in making things happen and helping others. You were such an open person. All my life, I can remember you talking to people everywhere you went. Looking back now, I think you should have been a newspaper reporter or a police detective instead of being in the auto parts business because of your inquisitive and curious personality. You had this way about you that made people want to tell you their life story--and most of the time they did. In your last few days on earth I told you how much I loved you. Toward the end you couldn't seem to get a good report from the doctors and I remember the day your last PSA test came in. We were all just praying for some good news. However, the cards weren't in your favor and we found out the cancer was spreading. You said something to me that day that I'll never forget for as long as I live. You looked at me straight in the eyes and with your optimistic smile and told me, "Honey I'm going to miss you." Those six words cut through my heart like a sharp dagger becaus...
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