Tom Tracy

Family CrestFamily Crest

This beautiful crest was conceived, designed, and created by Erma Jean Tracy.  All Tracy family members have a gold ring with this crest.

  • Rising Sun - Mom and Dad were married in the morning and the sun rose everyday of their marriage and continues to bring light to our lives
  • Helmet - represents knighthood
  • Flowing wings - from Kahil Gibran-all her children will have wings to fly their own journey
  • Herald colors - royalty and dignity
  • Shamrock - represents Dad’s Irish heritage
  • Scottish Lion - represents Mom’s heritage
  • Sword - Mary Queen of Scotts
  • Greek Crown - Mercury flying with duck wings to honor my parents love for hunting and shooting
  • Celtic Cross - unites the Irish and Scottish in their marriage union and is a symbol of family
  • Latin saying - No One Can Separate

Here are a sampling of some of Tom’s favorite symbols, writings and prayers